Women Are Becoming BOLD About Their Births!

I wanted to share the comments that we are getting from the women who attended our BOLD Women’s Weekend and Couples Series. I have been amazed at how so many women have been hungry for the wisdom that they had within them and never knew how to tap into before. Here are some of the comments we have heard so far:

Thank you Charlotte and Teresa for an amazing weekend. If you are a pregnant lady, regardless of your birth plan or whether or not you have one, you MUST take the Women’s Circle BOLD class. It was the most trans-formative and empowering weekend I’ve ever had. I came in with many fears about birth, and now I feel strong and confident that I can manage those fears and have the birth experience I want. THANK YOU!!!


I feel so bold after being with you guys for those two weekends!! Thank you for giving so much energy to us to help us carve out our paths!

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This should be a REQUIRED class for anyone having a baby. This class is poetry! I thought that all I needed was facts to be prepared….Little did I realize that birth is so much more than just knowing how to pronounce Erythromycin! And just when you have faced your fears in weekend 1, Teresa and Charlotte bring in your partners for weekend 2 to explore your relationship, create intimacy and make sure the dads learn the basics and the facts right alongside the moms. Charlotte and Teresa are like bread and butter – the perfect combination of instructors who love what they do like no one I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad I found this class. I have no more fears…only anticipation for my big day!!
A true delight for right-brainers, and an absolute necessity for left brains. I will admit that there was some mystery to exactly what would be covered when I signed up, but those of you brave enough to welcome a challenge will not regret it.

The woman’s weekend is a true bonding experience, with yourself and the fellow moms embarking on a similar journey. The classes will go beyond your comfort zone, into your true, raw self, but the reward is an awesome understanding! The couple’s class was a great way for me to connect with my husband on such a deep and intimate level that our relationship is likely changed permanently. Technique, positioning, and coping mechanisms are also taught, and much more thoroughly than you would find in a hospital class!

Both Teresa and Charlotte have such an obvious love for women, the birthing process, and the motherly spirits. They are like old friends I wish I had known a lot longer! The fluidity with which they teach is perfect, sometimes hilarious, and always informative. I felt prepared going in, but now I feel as if the perfect birth is truly awaiting me! Thank you both!! xoxo


Thank you and Charlotte for an educational, emotional and empowering weekend! I got even more from the class than I was expecting and truly believe it will have a tremendously positive impact on our birth experience!


I can’t wait to hear how their births unfold with BOLDness!