Wisdom for Couples Workshop

This is a one day workshop to prepare couples for birth. We begin in the morning with a lunch break and finish before dinner.  You will learn pain coping skills, how to use a rebozo for comfort and other comfort measures as well as how to know when labor begins, when to go to the hospital, and even how to begin to parent your new baby!

This class is also a great refresher for those who are birthing again.

This class is taught by Teresa Howard who offers more than 25 years of working as a birth professional and birth and lactation educator.

The Couples’ Workshop Covers:

  • Holistic stages of labor & birth
  • Signs of labor starting and timing contractions
  • What do you pack?  When do you go?
  • Pain coping skills
  • Positions for labor and birth
  • Creating a supportive birth environment
  • Partner support- how to be a great partner
  • Learn how to ask questions of “white coats”
  • Contingency plans…what if it doesn’t go like we expected
  • Natural birth vs. unmedicated birth
  • Medications & interventions
  • Cesarean birth factors
  • Baby options & procedures
  • Preparing for the new baby
  • Introduction to breastfeeding

Classes are taught in Atlanta and Athens. Cost of the workshop is $180. See the class schedule here: CALENDAR

Register for the Wisdom for Birth Couples class HERE!