What We Will Not Do…

We will not give you medical advice.

We will do our best to not catch your baby.

We will not make you feel guilty if you deviate from your birth plan.

We can not guarantee you will not get an epidural.

We can not make sure you do not have a cesarean.

We will have opinions about things like vaccinations and circumcision, but we believe it is your decision, not ours.

We will not take your partner’s place.


We will help you find your answers by helping you find your questions to get those answers.

We will offer guidance on when to head to your birth location and if things go quickly, we will help you.

We will help remind you of your birth ideals and your options.

We will provide you guidance in more than 25 pain coping techniques.

We will be one piece of the gentle birth pie, helping you have a vaginal birth.

We will encourage you to do your research and make informed decisions.

We will support you along side of your partner and support them too.

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