Where Does My Doula Live?

Often times we get asked when interviewing clients, where do you live? Clients want their doula to live close to them or close to where they will birth. That makes sense, right? Well, maybe not.

In Atlanta no matter where you live, there could be traffic at most any time adding minutes if not even an hour to a drive. And heaven forbid it snows! But we rarely- I mean rarely ever miss a birth. Since every doula in our group will attend you at home in mid labor, we may be with you prior to going to the hospital. Most every doula in our group will attend births at most hospitals in the metro area regardless to where they live. We do try to keep our drive during non busy times to be a hour or less.

Teresa is an exception to this having recently moved to Athens. But where she lives is very close to 85 and also 316. She can be on the highway quickly headed to you when you need her. She continues to doula for clients in Atlanta but limits the locations. The locations are under an hour and twenty minutes. Recently she had a birth in Atlanta and made it under an hour and ten minutes easily. That was a rapid drive.  She actually arrived within minutes of her client.

When chatting with experienced doulas, they will tell you that most calls for a mom in labor occur in the middle of the night- or actually early hours of the morning. There is rarely traffic to deal with then. It is rare for a woman to have such a rapid labor that she does not make it to her birth location- in fact so rare that the media covers it when it does happen- reassuring it is not common.

Usually a woman knows something is going on in early labor. This is why we ask you to contact your doula in early labor to give her a heads up. This allows her to reschedule events she may have coming up, prepare to be ready to leave as soon as you need her, gas up her car, put her bag in the car, shower, etc. So, you see where she lives may not be as important as you may think. Teresa believes that in over 660 births, it has happened less than 1% of the time.

But in those rare situations, we have a list of hospitals in the metro area and who is the closest doula to each hospital, just in case we need to send someone rapidly to you.  So, choose your doula based on who you connect the best with, who best meets your needs and less about where she may live.