Where Do You Get Your Breastfeeding Advice From?

I wrote a review of this study a year ago: Pediatricians Are Not A Good Resource for Breastfeeding Advice and Supportand shows how most pediatricians do more to sabotage than to support the breastfeeding relationship between mothers and their babies. Today I want to share another resource you may find helpful.

Today I got an email from a new mother who had gotten poor advice from a pediatrician in regards to breastfeeding. This pediatrician is actually one that I find to be very supportive in many ways of the breastfeeding dyad. But this piece of advice was purely her own personal view not one that is supported by evidenced based medicine. I just wish moms would ask a pediatrician the hard questions regarding the advice they offer. Is this medical advice? Is this your personal parenting advice? Is this evidence based? Just as I encourage you to go to the Coalition for Improvement of Maternity Services to find out if your OB/GYN practice is really a supportive one for your care during pregnancy, I encourage you to visit the NBCI to read about how to insure your pediatrician is supportive of breastfeeding. Dr. Jack Newman is a foremost authority on breastfeeding worldwide! There are more resources out there that do a great job regarding breastfeeding information- LLLI being one of them. But be careful when getting advice that does not feel quite right to you- do your research and ask more questions!