When A Woman Takes Off Her Panties… It Can Mean Trouble!

Often times curiosity leads to trouble. When a woman is curious, sometimes it causes her to take off her panties in the OB office to determine how far dilated she is, but it can mean trouble. If she is not dilated at all, she feels like her body is broken. If she is dilated, it can cause her to become anxious and think she may go into labor soon. But the truth is a vaginal exam really means nothing. You can be dilated for weeks and not go into labor. You can be closed up tight and be holding your baby in a few hours. It really means nothing.

But, it is not without risks. If you get checked and things are starting to ripen, it may cause you to agree to intervention – even being induced although your body still wants some more time. If you get checked it could stir things up enough to irritate your uterus- causing you to contract but not be progressing- just enough to keep you awake and uneasy, but not in labor.  It could also introduce infection and possibly cause your water to break then or within a few days due to the exam. And sometimes the exam itself can cause your waters to release. Then you are on a time clock and at a higher risk of infection. So, ask yourself, is it worth doing if it means nothing?

So, try to remember what your mama told you- “Keep your panties on!” It could keep you out of trouble!