What does BOLD mean to you?

BOLD- having your breasts removed without the diagnosis of cancer – but having a huge increased risk.

BOLD- walking 60 miles over 3 days for Breast Cancer Research and awareness


BOLD- going white water rafting on Olympic course rapids over the age of 5o for the first time!

BOLD- primitive tent camping on top of a mountain in 32 degree weather with wind gusts over 35 miles per hour!

These describe me. A few of the BOLD things I have done in the last five years.  I am BOLD. I speak up on issues that are important to me. I attend rallies to protest things that need change. I am passionate and BOLD about a lot of things in my life.

One area I feel women need to become more BOLD is birth! I have been a doula for over 20 years. I have attended over 500 births and what I feel has been lacking in many of the methods of childbirth education is this level of being BOLD in making decisions that are the right ones for each woman. I taught childbirth education for over 17 years and always felt that there was a piece missing. That piece was that women were not taking responsibility for their births. They were either being led blindly or often knew the path that felt right to them but allowed themselves to be bamboozled or led in a different direction without much fight. Fighting in labor is never fun. But it is not necessary if you address the underlying issues that are keeping you from having the birth you desire.

The other area that was taking away the boldness was in telling women that they needed to stay flexible in their births- but really meaning that they did not need to really dream their dreams fully for fear of failing. So women stopped dreaming- they “hoped” but they failed to plan for it to really happen. Flexibility and boldness can go hand and hand. But we need to encourage women to dream big dreams- have a vision and then work at taking action to make that happen.

I fell in love with the BOLD Empowerment Childbirth Method over a year ago. I have been teaching it for a year and I am seeing a huge difference in the way the women leave our class. They seem to really understand that they hold the keys to their births and also know how to use those keys. Does that mean they will always get the birth they dreamed of? No, but it means they understand that their journey unfolded with them still being in control. I am also amazed at how their births seem to unfold. They have taken responsibility for their births! They are BOLD!

Often times women take our classes and they are the” list makers”- the “black and white” thinkers- the ones who think in analytic ways. But those are the ones who need the type of class that we teach the most. They need to learn to turn on their right brain for birth. They need to learn to let go and allow their bodies to lead them. This is so hard for these women but in a short weekend they begin to “get” it. It is amazing to see the metamorphosis happen in that short time. Sometimes our class draws the” artsy” right minded women. They slide right into the kind of thinking that is so needed in labor. This class only enhances their ability to learn to listen more deeply to their intuitive self. It is fun to see these women grow.  We make this weekend a comprehensive couples series by adding two 3.5 hours classes that round out the nuts and bolts that your partner wants to know.

Is this class the best class for everyone.? Well- actually Charlotte and I do think every woman would benefit from this offering. But we also wanted to meet the needs of those couples who want the more meat and potatoes course. Renee will be offering an immersion type series just for you!  This course gives information that is important for labor and birth. It is comprehensive in the approach and is purely a couple based class. Both classes offer excellent information. Just as every restaurant is not the perfect restaurant for everyone- we try to offer a variety for you to choose from.

We want folks to find their fit. Do you want a woman’s based weekend with some additional couple info? Do you want a purely couple based class that has less emphasis on the mind body connection and more of the basics? Do they both appeal to you? You can always take the BOLD women’s weekend early in the pregnancy- in fact we think the mid trimester is the perfect timing although late pregnancy is also good- and then you can take the couples’ comprehensive series toward the last trimester winding down.

I have taught other methods and there is value in their offerings. Two of my friends teach a wonderful class based on the method I taught for years and their students are well prepared. Another friend of mine teaches a hypnosis based class and I have doula’d for one of our couples and found they were amazingly empowered at their birth.  Part of what makes a class effective is the way you embrace the concepts and practice them. I have attended other classes and often find many of their concepts of value. I do believe that you will know the type of class that is best for you.  But don’t be afraid of exploring something new! We offer you two ways to find your boldness!