Childbirth Classes

We offer 3 types of childbirth classes, with different times and locations to best meet your needs.

  • We offer the BOLD Wisdom for Birth class for couples in Atlanta and Athens. It can be taken by those who want more than a basic class teaches as an add on to a basic class. It is taught in one full day. Teresa, the instructor, has been a childbirth educator for over 15 years and focuses on the holistic stages of labor to walk expecting couples through what to expect from the birthing experience.
  • We offer the FUNDamenatals for an Empowered Birth class in Roswell. It is taught every six weeks on a Sunday. This is a couples class which offers much more than the basic childbirth class with an emphasis on the fundamentals that most couples feels is essential for an informed birth experience.
  • We offer private classes. Although this is not our preference, we understand that some couples need this. So we offer this in our class locations based on your particular needs. Let us know if you need this. We personally think that the dynamics of a group class offer many benefits for everyone involved.