We Are The Only Mammals Who Do It This Way…

Have you considered not cutting the cord of the baby to the placenta later? It is not common practice to wait… but this video may teach you something about what could be more gentle- what could be more helpful- what could be less traumatic… a great source of blood volume and oxygen… view this and consider doing something different.

We could be much kinder
the video

seems you tube took this one off due to breasts being at the beginning- no notes or anything to the producer- just kicked it off! I got this from the producer:

“My trailer and my entry to the Better Birth VA contest, “We Can Be Much Kinder” was removed by YouTube for inappropriate content — breasts in the short entry– and they took down both. It’s crazy as I have taken great care to make my work rather conservative and respectful for the mother and for “mainstream” viewers. There was no notice, no email, no way to find any info or communicate with YouTube. I have spent hours and hours to learn that I can not get them back.

I have created a new account and reposted the revised entry, trailer and few other pieces. I hope they stay up.

Here’s the new link to the entry and the trailer will show up soon.

Cord Clamping Considerations
more information

Janel Martin- the originator of this wonderful film clip mentioned contacted me to ask me “Did you get the other “point” to wait until the MOTHER Knows she and her baby are ready to separate? And, how, like what we know now “scientifically” about the breast milk benefits, perhaps there is something very profound about the benefits that we have not yet even imagined … and the spiritual aspects of it all.” And of course since I feel like I write and speak all of the time about the instinctual side of birth- how mom’s need to listen to their instinctual- intuitive voice in labor and birth and beyond- and how I write and speak about how God did not screw up- her point resonates with me as well on this matter.