Waiting for the Contractions…Trust the Process

I want to be well now! I want to be done hurting- done being sedentary… done… And then this made me think about women who are pregnant. Seems women anticipate- prepare- read- go to class- talk about- and wait for the contractions to begin. But then we they do they either focus too much attention to the early ones that are not really worth demanding their attention yet, or they get anxious about them not starting and agree to an induction. But it is all a process. And when you try to hurry it up, there are consequences. And we need to understand that being patient and waiting for things to happen as they are supposed to is a virtue.

When we try to rush things, force things, whine about the time it takes, we are fighting the process. I have seen the rushed processes in labor and birth- they are not pretty. They are full of interventions, surgical births and regrets on the part of the parents. So, I am going to try to remember the words I preach as a doula… trust the process. I will wait patiently- trusting that my body is healing just the way it should- at just the right speed.

This process of cancer and the aftermath has taught me so much as a doula and childbirth educator. I just hope I can impress upon my students the need to trust their bodies and the process along the way.