Valentines Day 2 Years Ago

I received this note today:

Dear Teresa,
Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope you are having a lovely day (off) and hopefully enjoying time with your Valentine. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help and support you gave me during Sophia’s birth… 2 years ago today! It truly was exactly the experience I wanted… and I often think about how well it went and am positive that one (HUGE) reason it went so well was that you were there. That was such a wonderful experience… and the elation I had that evening after she arrived (and I really was so thrilled), continues two years later. Thank you so much for doing what you do and touching my life in such positive and indelible way. Your spirit is so happy and strong… it is such a blessing that you share that with women… and that you shared it with me. Thank you!!
Love, Mindy


I loved that she thought of me on her daughter’s birthday. I loved that I have great memories of her birth. I think I have spent at least every holiday with a family in a birth over the last twenty years. I do love my job and love notes like this that remind me that my work is helping to bring about great experiences and memories both!