Today I was called by a writer, Jennifer, who was writing an article for DONA.  The article is on how to build a business without burning out. I enjoyed our half an hour or more conversation! And in the end I shared with her how trans-formative having cancer had been to me. How I enjoy life more now having more appreciation for it! I shared how I zip line and white water raft and lay in the bed with my husband on his mornings off having breakfast together… how those times are wonderful. And I shared with her that after having taught a particular method of childbirth for more than a decade, how I was searching for something more to light my fire for helping women become transformed as well. And then I stumbled upon a new approach to childbirth education and joined the inaugural training with Karen Brody.

I laughed and told Jennifer I felt that the BOLD Method of Empowering Childbirth had transformed me so much over the year I have been teaching the classes. I chuckled and told her I was always reinventing myself to keep things new and alive! And then I said something that I had never said before… I told her I felt every time I taught the class I was further transformed and I had no idea after teaching for one year how much I had changed! I told her I had no idea how much I would change in my second year! That I felt more powerful each time I taught it.

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Powerful Teresa is a woman who has connected with her tribe, made some hard choices,  found her internal wisdom by listening to her intuitive voice, following her heart, speaking loudly with her voice, opening up her mind to new ideas and being guided by the Spirit. I have been transformed over the last five years after having won the fight with cancer and the subsequent surgeries that were difficult but in a lot of ways healing. I have been transformed over the last year teaching BOLD Wisdom for Birth classes with my friend Charlotte Scott. I love the way it has changed me and my outlook not only about birth and the possibilities that are there- but to life!

Want to be transformed in your journey to becoming a mom? Take our BOLD Wisdom for Birth classes. I can’t promise it will change you the way it has changed me- but if you are open to being transformed, it will make a huge difference, I promise! Imagine what it would be like if you found all the power within you – imagine how that can change the way you live!