Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I see your office is in South Atlanta. Is that the only area you service?
    1. No not at all. We provide doula services, both labor and postpartum, in the whole metro area. We provide labor doula services in an extended area that includes the Athens area.
    2. We teach classes in both the Atlanta location as well as classes in the Roswell area currently.
  2. Do any of your doulas provide both labor and postpartum services?
    1. Some do.  But a busy labor doula does not make for a good postpartum doula since her labor clients will take precedence over the postpartum clients.
    2. We find that having separate doulas provide this service makes the likelihood of not making scheduled visits less likely.
  3. How do I go about meeting the women who work with Labor of Love?
    1. The Meet and Mingle is the best and easiest way to meet us all. Barring a birth or a family emergency, most every doula is at the Meet and Mingle each month and this provides a way to find a doula who is a good fit and meet her potential back ups if that need arose.
    2. If you can not make the Mingle, feel free to call the doula you are interested in meeting and set up a face to face interview.
    3. You can always come to a mingle later to meet us all and hear about our other services.
    4. Check our calendar for details on the Mingle and our class schedules.
  4. Do I have to commit to a natural birth in order to benefit from a doula?
    1. No, although we do like being with moms who want less intervention since it is usually best for the mom and baby, we understand that this is your journey and you may embark on it differently than we may choose. But this is your birth, your body and your baby and we respect that.
    2. We have found even if a mom chooses medication or even an elective cesarean, she can benefit from having a doula for many reasons.
  5. My mom is coming to help after the birth, how can I utilize some help without it interfering with her help?
    1. We have two postpartum services. One is a short visit for families to get some tips for adjusting more easily. You may benefit best from a short family  soothing session of only four hours.
    2. You may want to have the postpartum doula come for a few hours a day on alternative dates that family can help. But our doulas can help along side of a family member and perhaps offer some tips that will help everyone adjust the best.
  6. Will the postpartum doula help me with breastfeeding?
    1. Certainly she may do that with great experience offered. And while she can assist you in that, we suggest you take a breastfeeding class prior to having your baby to help prepare.
    2. We also offer lactation services if you need some additional help as well. And our lactation assistants offer free phone help as well!
  7. I am not sure I can afford a labor doula. Do you have payment options or ideas?
    1. We have doulas with varying levels of experience. Our company feels experience should be reflected in our fees. So, if you will consider a less experienced doula- who offers the same services and has a wonderful network of knowledge available to her, you may find she is more affordable.
    2. We also suggests asking for help with doula fees. Baby showers, gifts from family and even some creative baby pool on weight and dates can offer money to help pay for a doula.
  8. Do you offer a discount if we take classes and hire a doula?
    1. We actually have just begun to offer a discount if you take either the Fundamentals or the BOLD Women’s Birth Circle and hire one of our doulas. We feel taking a great childbirth preparation class helps you know how to work best with your doula.
    2. We offer a discount also if you take the combination of the Women’s Birth Circle and the Couple’s Birth Circle and sign up at the same time for both.
    3. And Charlotte offers discounts on massage for her doula clients.
  9. How does payment work?
    1. We require a retainer for both labor and postpartum doulas and the balance for services is due at 38 weeks.
    2. We require a deposit for placenta encapsulation and the balance is due at 38 weeks or you can pay via credit card at pick up but with a small cc fee added.
    3. You can always pay via credit card or HSA savings card for our services but there is a lesser fee if you pay using a check or cash.
    4. Our classes fill up quickly so we require full payment to hold your spot, so prepayment is needed.
  10. Which doula has the most VBAC, Twin, High Risk, etc experience?
    1. You will find the more births a doula does, the more likely she has the most experience in all of these areas.
    2. You may find experience is not the essential ingredient to finding the right doula. It may be who is the right “fit” that you can feel vulnerable with in labor is more important.