The Birth of Isaac Enzo Sanchez:

On Wednesday night, August 16th, I took a bath and had some “bath meditation time.”  I was 39 wks and 6 days pregnant and knew I probably had at least another week (if not 2) before I’d be going into labor.  While meditating and visualizing, I saw the little baby in my arms that I had seen in my visions for the last couple of years.  This time, I looked at the baby’s body and saw that it was a girl.  I thought to myself  “Finally, I know that this baby is a girl!”  I hadn’t really had a strong feeling either way throughout the pregnancy, but once I had that vision, I finally had a strong feeling.  I knew I was having a girl.

I also had a conversation with my baby and told him/her that it was okay with me if he/she came now.  I’d be “okay with” a Leo child.  (My preference had been a Virgo child due to the fact that I get along great with Virgo people.)  I then told the baby “I’d even be okay if you wanted to be born on your 40 wk due date… I could be one of those 2% of women that spontaneously go into labor and have their babies on their 40 wk due date!”  I still wanted another week to get things ready, but I got okay with baby coming earlier than that.

Around 11:30pm that night, I got into bed to watch a show and go to sleep.  As soon as I got into bed, my water broke.  “What the hell???  How could this be happening already???  It’s too soon!”  I was so shocked that this was happening now.  I called my midwife – Anjli was the mw on call – I told her that my water broke but that I wasn’t really having contractions.  (I had been having stronger braxton hicks type contractions all week, but that had happened for a few weeks before my first birth, so I really didn’t think anything of it.)  Anjli told me to try to go to sleep and get rest b/c it could be another 24 hrs before anything really got going.  She told me to call her again whenever contractions were just a few minutes apart.  I went back to sleep until 3:30am.  I had contractions here and there throughout that 4 hours, but nothing really consistent.  At 3:30am, a contraction was strong enough to wake me up and I was starving!  I got up and made myself a bean and spinach burrito.  Halfway through my burrito, my water broke again.  (I didn’t realize water could break more than once!  In my first labor, it never “broke,” it was more of a “slow leak” so this was a very new sensation for me to experience.)

After my water broke the 2nd time, I had contractions literally every 5 minutes.  “Wow, it’s actually happening now!  I’m going to have this baby at 40 wks!”  I called Anjli and told her I was going to go ahead and come to the hospital now.  I didn’t want to wait and risk getting caught in Atlanta traffic.  She agreed.

I woke up my husband and we got in the car.  At that point, I called my doula and my parents to let them know I was in labor and on my way.  On the car ride there, all I wanted to do was listen to Fleetwood Mac.  Of course, I couldn’t find my FM cd, so I listened to some Tom Petty instead.  It was happy and upbeat and I was able to get into it “almost” as much as Fleetwood Mac.

We got to the hospital and filled out paperwork.  Anjli came in and asked if I wanted to get into the tub.  I told her that I wanted to wait as long as possible and just walk around some.  She checked me and said I was almost 3 cm.  I was surprised by that, but shrugged it off.  I just wanted labor to really kick in and give birth.  I couldn’t wait to meet my baby.

My parents and doula got there.  I walked around the floor a lot and set up my birth space with all my “stuff.”  (My “stuff” included a picture of me and my maternal grandmother who passed away a few years ago, the necklace from my blessingway, little positive notes/prayers/wishes from the women in my life, my stone from one of my birth classes that represented all the strong women in my life, and my “wish doll” of a woman holding a live baby.)

Labor started to stall once at the hospital for a while.  My contractions lost their consistency.  I’d have one after 15 minutes, 3 minutes, 10 min, 5 min, etc.   I started feeling “pressure to perform” for all the people there.  My parents, my husband, my 2 doula type women that were there now – “all these people are here and waiting for me to have this baby!”

I knew at this point that I needed to be alone in the water and “go within.”  I needed to get rid of all the distractions and focus.  I listened to myself and voiced this to my husband, my 2 ladies (Wendy and Lisa), and Anjli.

They brought the tub in and filled it up.  Once it was filled, everyone left and I got in the water.  At this point, labor finally got going.  I welcomed the contractions.  I wanted to birth and meet my baby.  After a while, it felt like contractions were right on top of each other.  They were so strong!  I had forgotten how “hard” labor was.  After an hour or so, the fear kicked in.  The pushing contractions had started and they hurt again.  They hurt like they did with Anthony.  It scared me that they felt the same.  “Was this baby going to die too?”  “Am I going to be able to push the right way and get this baby out alive?”  Then I started thinking I wasn’t going to be able to do it right and I was going to kill this baby too.  Maybe I hadn’t pushed “right” and that’s why Anthony died.  I started crying and knew I needed encouragement and strength from one of my doulas, Wendy.

I texted Wendy and asked her to come back into the room.  I cried to her and told her I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to do it and that I was going to kill this baby too.  She cried with me and told me that I could do it and that I didn’t kill Anthony.  In that moment, I needed that.  Most of the time I know it wasn’t my fault that Anthony died, but in that moment I was so scared it was going to happen again and felt like it was my fault all over again.

Wendy encouraged me and held my hands and told me how good I was doing.  Of course, I didn’t feel like I was doing good, but it helped to hear it anyway.  She let my mw know that I was feeling pushy and also let my husband know to come back in.

Wendy and Anjli have told me I was pushing for about 45 minutes.  It felt like forever to me!  I just kept pushing with all my might, wanting it to be over, wanting to meet my baby, wanting my baby to be born alive.  I had Marcos hold my hands during those last several pushes.  At the “ring of fire” and “crowning” point, I knew I should probably breathe and slow down to avoid tearing, but I didn’t care.  I just wanted my baby out.  I didn’t care if I tore.  (I did end up tearing a little.)  I pushed as hard as I could and then all of a sudden, the baby was out.  Marcos exclaimed “it’s a boy!”  I was so shocked.  I think I even asked “seriously???”

I flipped over and Anjli handed me my son.  As soon as I looked at him, he looked like an “Isaac” to me.  His eyes were open and he let out a little cry.  It was such a beautiful sound!  He was alive and beautiful!  It was such an amazing moment to meet him and hold him.  Everyone in that room was smiles and tears.  We were all so happy 🙂

He was born in the water at 3:32pm on August 17th, 2011.  He weighed 9 lbs, 3.5 oz and measured 21 inches long.

**** This couple took my Birthing Again Class as a refresher. And Ashley also took some FEAR to FREEDOM classes with us as well.