Recommendations from Sara

Dear friend,

First, you are very smart to explore what Labor of Love Doulas can do for you. I applaud you for making the effort to have an informed and empowered birth. Second, I hope you will explore more than hiring a doula.

My husband and I invested in classes and services with LOL, and I want you to hear me when I say, it was worth every cent.

Matt (husband) and I took the FUNdamentals class and Wisdom for Breastfeeding class, and I took Aligned and Ready on my own. We invested in Kristen to be our labor and postpartum doula, and I had my placenta encapsulated. Of the investments we made, not a single one is something I feel I could have done without. My top 3 list goes like this: 1) FUNdamentals class, 2) postpartum doula, 3) placenta encapsulation. Matt’s goes, I think, like this: 1) FUNdamentals, 2) labor doula, 3) Breastfeeding class. That’s right, my husband truly appreciated a class about breastfeeding!

Hiring a doula is a great step as you try to have the birth experience of your dreams, but a doula is not a magical creature. If you go into labor with a doula but no knowledge, you’ve greatly limited her ability to help you. If you go into labor with plenty of knowledge and a doula by your side, you will have the best possible outcome for your birth experience, in my humble opinion.

I had a fantastic benefit of a prenatal nurse, provided at no cost by my insurance company, that I could call at any time during my pregnancy. When I told her that I was planning to use a doula and attend classes offered by the doula group, she was thrilled. She told me that she expected I would have no questions that hadn’t already been answered accurately in my classes, and she was right. On occasion I asked her opinion on things just to check that it was consistent with what I had learned in class, and it always was. I feel that what Matt and I learned in the classes we took was more accurate and  balanced than what we would have learned in a hospital class, and certainly far more accurate than “Dr. Google” could ever have told us. We went in to our birth experience with eyes wide open, and emerged whole and satisfied. I credit the classes we took with giving us that peace of mind.

I sincerely hope that you, reading this letter, make the choice to invest in your birth experience. Invest in the right knowledge and the right support staff so that you experience birth in the way you desire. Remember, you can get all kinds of advice on the internet for free, and it will prove its worth, or you can invest in classes with birth professionals who have done the research and know the answers. I’m glad that I chose to use Labor of Love Doulas, and I had an empowered and informed birth thanks to them.

Best Wishes,
Sara Gard