Taleah Bryant

CLD, The Matrona
DONA trained

Certified Labor Doula

“The birth of my daughter taught me a love I never knew existed. The journey of motherhood continues to display unprecedented strength, I never knew resided within me. The support I received from my village during my pregnancy and in the forever postpartum revealed the beauty about life I’ve always known – You shouldn’t do it alone.”

As a proud New Yorker turned Georgia Peach, I am passionate about maternal health, reproductive justice, and an avid supporter of breastfeeding. I became interested in birth as a college student when I learned my Sociology/Anthropology advisor was a postpartum doula. My professor, Dr. Casteñada, is still very active in the birthing community within her academic studies and left a lasting impression on my life and college years. When I gave birth to my own child, it reignited my flame in pursuing birth work. I experienced firsthand the beauty of birth, but also how trying it is on the family unit. Furthermore, I came to the realization pretty quickly that the support needed does not stop once the baby is earth-side. Our society glorifies and celebrates gender reveals, baby showers, and birth announcements, which are all very exciting and joyous occasions. However, real work and support are needed during birth and in the postpartum. We are warriors! Our bodies were built to give birth, and that is empowering in itself.

I believe that birth is best when families have the support to labor as needed and on their own terms. It is a gift and honor to be part of that support system; I value assisting families during this sacred event and that they trust me to hold their hand and space throughout the birthing process. Birth is more than the physical act of bringing your child earthside. There is a mind and body connection that you must tap into to reach your highest self. Let me help you through this process.

Academically, I hold a B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology. Professionally, I am a Birth Doula certified under Matrona, currently pursuing certification through DONA International, a Lactation Educator, and Volunteer Support Coordinator with Postpartum Support International (PSI). Additionally, I am a trained ballerina under the guidance of Arthur Mitchell at Dance Theatre of Harlem, former rhythmic gymnast, and Barre instructor.

Taleah’s fee is $1300

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