Talking to Yourself

Think about your best friend. It could be a childhood friend or a newer friend. Think about what you love about them. What made them your friend? Think about how they will tell you the truth but lovingly so as to cause you little pain in hearing the truth. They support you. They encourage you. They are there no matter what- true unconditional love. I have a few friends like this.

Now think about being a friend to yourself. Think about how you talk to yourself. Are you being gentle, supportive, encouraging and loving? We need to talk to ourselves as if we are our best friend. Our bodies and minds are listening to the things we say internally to ourselves.

Change the way you speak to yourself and you will find your body and mind will respond in a positive way. Affirmations and positivity go a long way to rebuilding our brains synapses. We can begin to heal the negativity that we fed ourselves for so long.

Don’t wait- start today. Make a new best friend!