Steady, Steady, Hold, HOLD!

Sunday at church Steve Gooch was preaching. He was talking about “re-uping” to the initial pledge we made to God. He shared a scene from Braveheart after Mel Gibson had completed his freedom speech and how he led the charge to battle.

It is quite timely as I had just completed the last class of my childbirth series and in it we do an exercise called “Warrior.” I always mention Braveheart and the battle preparations. It is not so much so that women will be ready to battle the medical community- but instead to battle the voices within them that try to seed the great doubt that they will often face in labor. This great doubt is definitely watered by the nay sayers- our friends, our family and often our medical support system. But we also carry the seed within us. The fear of the unknown and the fear of us not “performing” the way we hope or the birth unfolding in a way that is out of our control is always within us.

I love the way in the previous scene Mel discusses running from the enemy and how you will still be alive for a while but it will be without freedom. And is that really living. He encourages them to fight even if they fail because they will be fighting for something that is worth dying for. Often times women will choose to give up some of their dreams for their births and instead allow others to take away their freedom. They will perhaps have birth outcomes that will make them disappointed or depressed but more often feeling a bit controlled and manipulated.

I love teaching the classes I teach because I feel we give women options. We open their eyes to what is possible. We help women find courage to fight for the freedom in their births. We also teach that sometimes things are not within our control but that does not mean you are without the ability to make your own decisions as that birth unfolds in a different path than you chose initially.

I leave you with this video clip of Braveheart. I hope you will move into your labor feeling courage and confidence within you… holding steady to that which is right for you.

Braveheart Battle Scene