Squatty Potty!

We know that squatting helps to push a baby out. It makes sense to align the baby directly over the outlet it is supposed to come out of instead of laying like a dead roach in the bed. Well western and most eastern medicine has screwed that up for sure. Women are often relegated to laying on their backs due to doctors “needing to be able to see the birth and control the process.” But we now know that moving, dancing, rotating our hips, being upward and listening to our bodies is better for birth. Better for the moms anyway. We have figured out that we can control our birth, rather than be mandated to the position of choice from someone else.

Well guess what? Squatting is also the better way to eliminate. The malady of illnesses related to elimination or the lack thereof has caused many problems not only for pregnant woman but for everyone. This video is so eye opening. Squatty Potty. If we align the process of elimination over the outlet it is supposed to come out of instead of sitting so politely on the western toilet, we may find many of those maladies to be eliminated!

It seems there are a plethora of endorsements for this product. NPR, Mercola, The Doctors, and more. They say that 90% of their customers love the product. But they give a 60 day guarantee to that 10% of folks who want to return it! Do you want to be “choked” or “relaxed” when you poop? Check them out! http://www.squattypotty.com/  They are American made and very economical ranging in price from $29.95 to $59.95.

If this could help pregnant women not suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation in pregnancy, that alone is something to celebrate!