Speaking as a Concurrent Speaker at ICAN

I submitted an outline that Polly Perez and myself worked on entitled “Life is a Journey…no one gets out alive- What to do When Meconium Hits the Fan” – it is about what you do when things that you plan don’t happen the way you expected them to. It is about healing- who to turn to and what you personally can do to heal. It is about how you can help those who are going through a tough time to heal- what you can say and do.

It was something we submitted to CAPPA for the next conference- but they wanted me to do a ton more to it to get the outline ready for submission for CEUs and wanted it to be a break out session- with a minimum number signed up for it three months in advance- and with the 3Day walk for Breast Cancer in front of me- the last surgery only being 6 weeks ago and my next breast cancer revision surgery in five weeks- I declined. I need to move forward with some more urgent stuff and they needed it pretty quick- just was not going to happen.

When it appeared they were not going to accept us as speakers- I had gotten an email regarding the ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) conference coming to Atlanta in April and desiring speakers. So, I submitted it to them a month ago. I got word this week that they accepted our speech as a concurrent- or break out session for their conference- Whoo Hoo!

So, now that more meconium has hit my fan- it is time to use it to help others!