Sex, Sex and Sex

I have had clients who when I share how fabulous making love is in pregnancy for preparing the womans’ body for birth, look at me like I have lost my mind. So, I thought I would share some information that may encourage you to have more sex!


Occasionally a woman tells me she no longer feels sexy when she begins to fully blossom into her pregnant body. This is often also true postnatally. So this lack of feeling sexy causes her to think her partner feels the same way. But when it is discussed, often the partner says the exact opposite. The partner talks about the curves, her round bottom and her full breasts as very erotic.

Although libido changes can occur during pregnancy with hormone fluctuations, sometimes a woman will actually have increased libido during pregnancy. This often causes the partner to be shocked. But with some pregnant women the sex drive diminishes. This is an opportunity to learn some wonderful foreplay techniques that can often to lead to orgasm without penetration. This is certainly one of the options a couple may find works for them.

Occasionally a male partner tells me he is concerned about hurting the baby. Or he may be shocked when the baby moves during sex and this throws him off his game immediately. When understanding the anatomy of a woman, you will see the idea of harming the baby by penetration would be difficult to do. But there are some positions that limit the level of penetration that may be more comfortable such as spooning.

Why am I a big fan of sex for pregnant couples? Well, there are multiple reasons:

  • First, it increases the intimacy of the couple. This intimacy is so essential for the labor and birth. A couple who feel more connected work better together during the labor.
  • Second, it allows for orgasms which not only are fun, but give you a boost of oxytocin which will help in getting ready for labor.
  • Third, the semen is full of prostaglandins which help to ripen the cervix and get it ready for labor to begin.
  • Fourth, celibacy during the postnatal period is not fun for your partner, so being celibate ahead of time is extra frustrating.

So, please realize that unless you have an issue like preterm labor or placenta previa, and are in good health otherwise…. have sex!  Talk it over, find time to have time for each other in this special way, realize this intimacy helps build your relationship and prepare for this new baby.

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