What is Rock Your Birth?

In 2011 BOLD founder Karen Brody created Rock Your Birth (formerly FEAR to FREEDOM Birth), a childbirth empowerment method that gives birth workers an innovative, birth-changing toolbox to help pregnant mothers be BOLD and own their birth experiences.

When you attend  the Rock Your Birth classes you’ll learn to have confidence in your body, find your  authentic voice, and learn how to take action to have your best birth.

Rock Your Birth was created to help you be BOLD to change the culture of your birth.

Charlotte and I have been teaching a new preparation for birth class that was previously called FEAR to FREEDOM. Recently it has been brought under the umbrella of BOLD and the name has changed as well. So the new name is Rock Your Birth! It is based partially I think on the comment that one of the characters in BIRTH the play by Karen Brody where the mom repeats, “My body rocks!” I love the name change. Often folks thought that the FEAR to FREEDOM class was us sitting around talking about fears. It was not and never has been. But it was about turning their intuitive voice into a powerful means of being FREE for their births.

When you hear Rock Your Birth what do you think of? I think of dancing with my arms up in the air swirling around with a huge smile on my face! And you know I love that idea for a woman in labor. I love embracing that our bodies were built to do this and enter that veil of the unknown without fear but instead excitement. I love that after a birth a woman can say, “My body rocked!” I love helping women find that path toward their birth instead of one that is shrouded in fear and anxiety.

I love that Rock Your Birth is also about movement! Movement of your body is just one component. There is movement in the way that you approach birth. There is movement away from the fear that once may have caused you to make decisions from that point rather than one of informed decision and choice. So there is movement in the mind and body!

Come join us in our upcoming women’s intensive weekends to learn how to Rock Your Birth!