River Cloninger

Labor Doula

“A seed neither fears light or darkness but uses both to grow.” -Matshona Dhilwayo

“Surrender creates freedom” -unknown

I began my journey to becoming a doula in Los Angeles. I have always been fascinated with birth as a sacred journey. I became a Certified Nursing Assistant and I noticed in hospitals the complete lack of support from most doctors and nurses- even those who work in the Labor and Delivery wing. That made me want to advocate for women during their birth journey and help them embrace themselves, their baby, and their birth vision! Many studies show that women who are supported during birth have better outcomes and reduce the need for intervention. I would love to provide support in the moments where strength and surrender are needed. I’ll also be of support during those moments where the plan is changing.

I do enjoy supporting the whole family. I feel a partner and any children present also are experiencing a valuable journey.

I have been a doula for a little over 2 years now. I also teach art and yoga, as well as having my degree in Natural Health studies.

I am so excited to continue to be of service and continue to hold space for everyone’s beautiful births!

Labor doula fee: $750

Contact River: info@alaboroflove.org   Subject: River