100 Reasons to Baby Wear!

I asked the parents and experienced baby wearers on our facebook page this question: “What are the reasons you love to wear your baby!” And these are the top 100 reasons they shared! The consensus was “I love carrying my baby.” “Baby is happier!”  “All in all, wearing a baby is just easier!”

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  1. My reasons for babywearing at the start was to make things “easier” and be able to “do things with two hands”
  2. Now I realize it was actually building my confidence as a mother!
  3. Now with a walking/running toddler it keeps my sanity when we are at festivals.
  4. And it gives him the comfort and closeness he wants when he feels overwhelmed by crowds or environmental stimulation.
  5. Hands free! Happy, content baby.
  6. Easy to nurse when wearing the baby.
  7.  Easy to pack a wrap/pack/sling!
  8. A wrap takes up less space than a stroller, I can use an entire shopping cart.
  9. There is a size for everybody, everyone looks good wearing babies/toddlers/preschoolers.
  10. There’s a wrap for every budget.
  11. Resell is great- a wrap bought new 2 years ago is still worth what you paid because it’s broken in.
  12. There’s a wrap for every budget.
  13. Resell is great- a wrap bought new 2 years ago is still worth what you paid because it’s broken in.
  14. It is so much fun for all involved.
  15. Having my children at my height, we are at the same vantage point means we are discussing what we are both seeing and experiencing together. I would have missed out on a lot of laughs and stories without babywearing.
  16. The ability to nurse in motion!
  17. Because I can be naked under my wrap and nobody else has to know !
  18. I love that folks can’t breathe all over my newborn especially during flu season!
  19. Because it makes my husband extra sexy!
  20. So I can carry the groceries.
  21. When the witching hours (5-6 pm) roll around, I can wrap DS up and still cook dinner.
  22. Best for snuggles!
  23. Great to hide my postpartum body under a wrap!
  24. Great conversation starter-especially because I’m shy/ an introvert/ socially awkward.
  25. Great way to stay warm.
  26. It’s a bit of a secret workout.
  27. I don’t have to wonder what he’s getting in to…
  28. I don’t have to lug an infant car seat around. Or worry about where to put it-because you know the top of the shopping cart isn’t safe!
  29.  All the pretty wraps! 10. Wraps double as a blanket.
  30. The baby wearing community. From my local baby wearing group to a traveling wraps group on FB, I’ve met some fabulous women! And this community is great at giving advice on all sorts of topics…
  31. Dancing while your baby is wrapped is magical
  32. Wearing your baby on your front provides lots of opportunities for sneak-attack tickles under the chin.
  33. Wearing your baby on your back just looks so cool!
  34. Really though, my baby was in my heart long before I knew her, she dozed under my heart while she became ready to be born, wearing her keeps her close to my heart and our two hearts beat together.
  35. I loved that my car seat hating baby (now 13) would calm down instantly and even sleep in my maya wrap.
  36. I enjoyed so many meals out with a sleeping baby nestled in my lap securely while I had two hands free to eat and drink.
  37. Plus the nearness of my heartbeat surely lulled him so our conversations never woke him.
  38. I also liked that he could be transferred sleeping from the wrap, like a hammock, from my body to my husband’s or grandma’s.
  39. The ability to have hands free when I had more kids was also huge.
  40. Easier to take care of a toddler solo.
  41. Gives you two hands to make dinner/bathe toddler/eat dinner.
  42. I like it when I am shopping because I can be sure of her safety. I can walk away from the cart and not worry, because she is safely against me. It is great since I don’t trust people!
  43.  I get to keep that intoxicating baby smell all to myself!
  44. It has also kept my(milk) supply high and healthy!
  45. So I can make dinner without having to worry about my toddler bopping my newborn on the head as soon as I turn my back!
  46. It keeps baby close to me. I love the snuggle time.
  47. And he sleeps best when we’re outdoors, wandering the woods.
  48. It makes me feel good and it makes him feel safe.
  49. He’s a heavy little thing, so I like giving my triceps a break, too.
  50. Our daughter is a preemie and baby wearing helped regulate her breathing when she was very small.
  51. Our sling contines to give us a closeness that we missed out on while she was in the NICU.
  52. When having a smaller baby it is easier, hands free, quicker to get on and on your way.
  53. People don’t ask to hold as the baby as much (reducing sickness and baby being given food)
  54. When baby is older   (my son is 19 mo) it is a safe place to get/be calm, no chasing around a toddler, safer.
  55. Baby sleeps much better than in a stroller… When baby is older (my son is 19 mo) it is a safe place to get/be calm, no chasing around a toddler, safer, easier to grocery shop, baby sleeps much better than in a stroller.
  56. I love it that it puts even the fussiest baby to sleep to put them against skin and a heartbeat… Instant rest and/or quiet time for mom!
  57. Because it was one of the only ways she would nap.
  58. Because we both feel safe and secure..
  59. Because it is so easy to kiss the top of her head.
  60. Taking a stroller on a hiking trail is not an option!
  61. Because sometimes you don’t want to play “pass the baby” or they don’t want to be passed.
  62. Because if I am still I can feel her breathe.
  63. It just feels natural and good. And for fun, I get to channel my inner koala!
  64. My moving motion would make him take the longest and most sound naps.
  65. I love that a mom can nap in the recliner with the baby in the wrap.
  66.  I can go out in public and hide my spit-up stained shirt that I was too tired to change (again).
  67. Reduces shoulder/back pain by being more ergonomic.
  68. Because I get to see his sweet little face inches from mine when he looks up.
  69. Because I can make instant friends with another mama if I am out and see her babywearing too.I have my hands free! It keeps people from touching baby’s face – people don’t touch with their germy hands of the baby is near your boobs!
  70. Smelling that intoxicating baby head! Not to mention all the eye contact and cuddling for baby and momma, too!
  71. Also, it is a fabulous way to signal to a busy toddler that he is not getting down in church or on airplanes. He just snuggles in and falls asleep, safe with momma.
  72. Love that grandmothers and other care givers can sooth a baby by just putting them in the carrier that they are familiar with.
  73. Thinking back on the sling I also enjoyed its versatility. For instance on more than one occasion it was used as a blanket on the ground. It also provided sun cover.
  74. A baby “leash” with a sling offered freedom: And one strong memory is when my son was 9.5 months old and just began walking. We went to the Greek festival and he wanted to dance. It was quite crowded where we had found on the ground but I could not keep the dancing baby that just discovered he could walk to sit. So we looped the wrap around his torso and I sat on the other long end. This allowed him freedom to bop and jump and dance to his heart’s content in a limited area to me. So I could relax and eat baklava and he could DANCE!
  75. Because, in extreme circumstances, you can pee! (Ladies, we have all done it!) baby napping in the wrap… Nature calls
  76. Airport security! You don’t have to take off the wrap, or get scanned, just walk through the metal detector and they test your hands. So much easier!
  77. Because it allows the mom’s partner of breastfed babies to bond BESIDES feeding.
  78. Because it allows caretakers of breastfed babies to bond BESIDES feeding, especially grandparents.”Sling babies spend more time in the state of quiet alertness . This is the behavioral state in which an infant is most content and best able to interact with his environment. It may be called the optimal state of learning for a baby. Researchers have also reported that carried babies show enhanced visual and auditory alertness.”… dolcino
  79. ‘By extending the womb experience, the babywearing mother (and father) provides an external regulating system that balances the irregular and disorganized tendencies of the baby.”- dolcino
  80. “Babies are able to develop a sense of security and trust when they are carried. They are more likely to be securely attached to their care-giver/s and often become independent at an earlier age .” mayawrap
  81. “Babies who are not held need more verbal interaction and eye contact, just to be reassured that you’re there. Moms who may suffer from Post Partum depression will find that carrying their baby is a great way to connect with her (and provide stimulation too) without the “burden” of having to interact.” mayawrap
  82. “Carrying your baby in a sling eases the strain on babies spine and your back!” mayawrap
  83. “In many cultures, babies are constantly in the arms of caregivers. Anthropologists and psychologists who study the behavior of mothers and babies have observed that when mothers and babies are together, they are constantly shaping one another’s behavior. When her baby whimpers or seems to be in distress, the mother responds and reassures her little one.” LLL
  84.  Because I have Lupus and mixed connective tissue disease and I can’t support my children’s weight without an ergonomically correct carrier, and I know I’m not the only momma with health issues like this  so thankful for great carrying options so I can stay close to my little ones even on my worst days.
  85. Because babies aren’t going to be babies forever.
  86. Why wouldn’t we want them so close while they love it as much as we do?
  87. Strangers are less likely to try to invade baby’s personal space when it is also their parent’s personal space.
  88. They feel the motions and sway of walking so it helps them when they are ready to walk, sometimes faster then other babies.
  89. Exchange of hormones with skin to skin and all other skin to skin benefits.
  90. Makes teething just a little bit easier.
  91. To keep baby warm while getting fresh air in the winter!
  92. So you don’t drop your baby at 3 am when you fall asleep on your feet.
  93. So your body doesn’t hurt as much from carrying your 10 lb newborn.
  94. So your toddler can see over your shoulder while you walk around the farmers market or festival.
  95. So you don’t lose your kids in public (I’m not joking – our 2 yo runs off).
  96. So you can Breastfeed without worrying if you are going to flash the world .
  97. To lovingly restrain babies who need to be in lock down to settle down and go to sleep and to get a break (again – serious, esp with squirmy, fussy kids).
  98. “Bill and Martha Sears note that baby wearing stimulates the infant’s vestibular system, the parts of the inner ear that work like levels or sensors to control the body’s sense of balance. The stimulation “helps babies breathe and grow better, regulates their physiology, and improves motor development” (Sears and Sears 2001). This applies to both full-term and premature babies.” LLL
  99. To avoid carrying a bucket (the handled car seats) at all costs.
  100. You can use the carrier as a play hammock.

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Thanks to all the parents who shared their ideas and reasons for baby wearing. And thanks for sharing the lovely pictures! I wore by babies- 36 years ago- before there were nearly as many carriers or options. I love wearing my grandbabies! And I can’t wait for more to be able to snuggle in close again!