Real Savvy Women

A few years ago I had the pleasure of being a part of a PBS special show about doulas. Here is the link you can view and enjoy!

I was interviewed a few years ago with a client who I have been the doula for two times previously. Here is a video online you can access to see it!

If the link stops working above- then go to
Real Savvy Moms
is the location of the video- I wish I could upload it but it won’t upload here- so go to this link- click on watch videos on the left hand sidebar. Then click on pregnancy. Then in the section at the top in the middle- it says search by topic. Put in Doulas. Then click on Doulas. The segment has Penny Simkin in it as well as me!

It is the video we usually show at our teas. Hope you can figure this convoluted way of finding it to watch it.