Private Classes vs. Group Classes


Often folks come to us and ask if we teach private classes. We do. And I have to believe from what our students tell us, they are good classes. But…we would prefer you to take a group class. Why? Because in a group class you learn from each other. There will be a question asked that was one you had but did not know you had it. There may be something shared from someone else that really resonates with you and helps you in your preparation. There will be laughter that will help you remember the moment and what was being taught. There will be tears sometimes with vulnerability shared in the women’s birth circle that will help you find the emotions you need to resolve.

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I understand that schedules make it difficult to make a series of classes. We understand this. That is why we have made the FUNdamentals class over only three Sunday late afternoons. It is why we offer a weekend for women only for the BOLD Women’s Wisdom for Birth Circle and then a weekend for the Couples Wisdom for Birth. We try to offer these classes every six weeks so that you can plan ahead. We think the BOLD Women’s class can be taken early in your pregnancy- enhancing your journey. We do not teach a childbirth class in the evenings after work because we understand how fatigue is not a great place to be learning from.

Students get to know each other. The often build relationships that grow outside of class. They may even begin baby play time groups that grow from this time. Even those who are shy find out classes inviting. And our classes are inclusive. We welcome different families into our circles with open arms.

So although we all teach private classes and so do others, and they may be awesome, note that if you can join a group class, you may find wonderful benefits for having done so. We have fun and our students tell us they love our classes! Plan ahead and choose your classes long before the month you are due when your options may be very limited.


And on a similar note, doulas in training- do yourself a real favor and take a group class with real pregnant students when you take your doula in training required course. The benefits of sitting in a class with actual pregnant couples is so much better than a course on childbirth education to meet your requirement for training. You get to hear their questions and concerns. You get to see how pregnant couples interact and react to information. And you may even find a couple or two who may invite you to attend their births for your certification requirement.