Postpartum Honey Do List

A few¬†ideas I have been sharing for many years when you are recovering from having had a baby… and folks want to come by:

Everyone wants to help. But often you are not able to share what you really need. I suggest having a small box or basket in your foyer. In the box are cards of chores that need to be done that can easily be done by a visiting friend or relative. The card may have things like: sweep the kitchen, unload dishwasher, put on a load of clothes, walk the dog, vacumn the living room, dust the family room, fold clothes, get a few items at the grocery store, etc. These are chores that can be adjusted and prioritized in the basket. So when someone arrives and asks what needs to be done, you can gently direct them to the honey do list in the basket.

Story Cards Basket

Remember when folks come by to visit, 15 minutes is the limit. After 15 minutes you become a hostess instead of a mom in recovery mode.

Put two coolers on the front porch. One is red and one is blue. The blue one has ice within it. If someone is bringing food, they can place it in the cooler- hot or cold. You can check the coolers between naps and nursings. Folks can drop off food without disturbing the nesting family.


Remember when folks come by- if you are in your gown and robe, they do not stay long for a visit. Also wearing your bed clothes will remind you, you are in nesting and recovery mode- and will keep you from trying to do too much. You can sit on the back deck in your gown just fine if the weather is good and you need some sunshine. The minute you start getting dressed you will find yourself doing too much.

When you do have something to go to, remember one thing per day- if you are going to the doctor, set your appointment for just after lunch- this gives you time to sleep in if the night was broken up. Don’t decide to head to Target that same day. One thing per day is a way to keep you from overdoing it.


Remember if feels good to help someone. When someone asks to help, let them- you will be helping them to feel good!