"Motherhood is the greatest and the hardest thing."


Postpartum Doulas

Bringing your new baby home means changing routines, dividing time and figuring out how to juggle it all. This is where a postpartum doula can be a huge help!

The postpartum doula offers many services to her clients, but her main goals are to help “mother the mother” and nurture the entire family as they transition into life with a newborn. Tasks include:  

  • Lactation support
  • Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth
  • Light housekeeping so that mom does not feel so overwhelmed
  • Running errands
  • Assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding and comforting
  • Light meal preparation
  • Baby soothing techniques
  • Sibling care
  • Referrals to local resources such as parenting classes, pediatricians, lactation support and support groups

Daytime Support

12 hours (1 week) – $450

24 hours (2 weeks) – $875

48 hours (4 weeks) – $1700

Daytime packages suggest a schedule of 4 hours of support for 3 days per week. You are able to schedule your postpartum doula visits in a way that best suits your needs. 

Hours may be billed individually and combined with overnight support (see below).

If you desire a package larger than 48-hours, email us to explore our options!

Overnight Support

Our overnight support is designed to provide all the services of daytime support, while also encouraging additional rest for the parents during the night hours.

Labor of Love postpartum doulas offer tips to encourage your infant to sleep. However, we are not professional sleep trainers. 

1 night, 8-hours – $350

3 nights, 8-hours each – $1000


1 night, 12-hours – $525

3 nights, 12-hours each – $1500


Extended hours are ideal for families with other small children, as hours can be scheduled to include help during the bedtime and/or morning routine.