Plans Change

We had a client whose baby was presenting breech. They went to Intown Midwifery and were full supported by Dr. Brad Bootstaylor in having a vaginal birth although this was their first baby. The couple prepared with a great childbirth class and hired a doula. During the labor, the baby made the decision to never drop into the pelvis and instead of the planned vaginal birth, a family centered cesarean was the means for the birth. I received a request to use their labor doula for additional services for postpartum. These are the kind words from the father regarding their doula:

We had a good postpartum plan for plan A birth, but since we used birth plan B ( more like F -revision 3) we are under prepared and need the help  of a postpartum doula. We would like to extend our work with Leigh William for our postpartum doula.
Leigh was so great during the labor and birth it could have been a very negative experience for us if we hadn’t had her guidance, experience, kind words, and love to keep us centered and focused on the beautiful birth of Miles.
It is always nice to hear such wonderful words to describe our services! Thanks Gino!