Passing the Baton

I have been the owner of Labor of Love for over 20 years. I have grown one of the most successful doula businesses in the nation. This is the oldest and most experienced group of birth professionals in the state of Georgia. I have been at 648 births in the last 25 years and have loved this opportunity. I have taught thousands of students during that time.  I grew the company from only providing labor doula services to becoming a full service company providing most everything that any pregnant or new family would need.

I decided a few years ago to cut back on the number of births I would take each month to allow more time for my family – being grandparents is quite fun! My daughters and my five grandchildren live in Athens. We have recently decided to move to Athens to be closer to them. So, what does this mean?

I am not leaving birth work. I will work with Delandra for Labor of Love as I have been doing. I will continue to doula and teach classes. I will teach in the Decatur location and hope to grow some classes in Athens as well. I will also do birth doula work in Atlanta and Athens. It is often easier driving in from Athens to the city than coming from outlying burbs. So, I will ask for a bit more of a heads up, but plan to do births in the metro area of Atlanta and grow my Athens birth work as well. 

This move means that I think it is in the best interest of Labor of Love to have a local birth professional overseeing the work for the company. And therefore it is my great pleasure to pass the baton of ownership to Delandra Vinson. She has been the most active doula in our group and is the second most experienced doula in Labor of Love with over 200 births. She has a strong and wonderful presence in the birth community around Atlanta. She was the perfect choice to take over my “baby.”

I think you will find the transition seamless as Delandra takes the reins. Labor of Love will remain a strong presence offering excellent service and helping families in the transition to parenthood. I am moving, but will continue to leave my mark on the birth community in Atlanta!


I am so excited about becoming the new owner of Labor of Love! This is a wonderful opportunity, with such a powerful presence in the Atlanta birth community, and I am honored to be stepping into this leadership position. Over the past 20 years, Labor of Love has provided so many valuable services and loving guidance to families all over the metro area, and I look forward to offering the same level of service and quality of support for at least 20 more! Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way. Please continue to do so. I look forward to hearing from you!!