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Intact Perineums

I love this article on Intact Perineums by Gloria Lemay… it is fabulous! I don’t usually just post a blog article by linking another- but oh my – just such wonderful information! My observations over 594 births is just this- and you will find I agree so totally with Lemay. Perineal massage during pushing usually…
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FREE Doulas

Often  I will get a call regarding if we offer free doulas. Often new doulas in training will hear that they need to provide free doula services in order to get their “certifying” births for the certification for doula organizations. But we do not offer free doulas. Why? If someone is working toward certification they…
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Growth spurts with breastfed babies tend to follow these numbers- 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. You will see the baby all of a sudden not be sleeping well in the early weeks and months. wanting to nurse all the time for about 48 hours- to build up…
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Mind and Body Connection

What does that mean? Do you fear it means some kind of psychic new age thinking?  I received a call today and realized that the young woman was concerned about that phrase when I was sharing about the BOLD classes we teach. It was something that she thought may conflict with her religious convictions. It…
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Sex, Sex and Sex

I have had clients who when I share how fabulous making love is in pregnancy for preparing the womans’ body for birth, look at me like I have lost my mind. So, I thought I would share some information that may encourage you to have more sex! Occasionally a woman tells me she no longer…
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Acupressure for Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

Rebecca Gay and Teresa Howard were able to attend a six hour workshop by Nicholas Olow, an acupuncturist from San Diego who specializes in working with pregnant, laboring and new moms. A dozen doulas and several midwives in the metro area were able to attend this wonderful offering as well. What if I told you…
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Diana Barnes “Maternal Depression and Disrupted Attachment” – My Notes

This is in no way an overview of the CAPPA 2014 session by Diana, but instead my notes of what impacted me from the session.   Have you thought of the birth of a child as a developmental crisis? It is! Well Diana shared a few things that can cause this crisis. She seems to…
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Nancy Bowers- “Multiples Birth Update” – My Notes

Nancy Bowers spoke on the updated information on multiple births at the CAPPA 2014 conference. Here are my notes- not a full overview of her talk but instead the things that I was most impacted by- thanks! She discussed the different types of twins: Monozygotic- identical twins and the four ways they may share amniotic…
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Love Me Some Jack Newman

I attended the 2014 CAPPA conference this year and got to hear one of my favorite speakers. I have heard him speak several time over my birth career and I never tire of hearing him speak. I love his humor, hit wit and his wisdom! So, I thought I would just give you some of…
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Amy Spangler- “Someone’s Been Sleeping in my Bed!”- My Notes

This in no way is the overview of her presentation- this is only my notes from the session at CAPPA 2014 that impacted me. Amy Spangler was the speaker. Here is her website with an article on safe sleeping. Amy said that often stats are misleading. For instance there was a study of Sudden Unexpected…
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