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Katherine Loves BOLD Too!

We received another sweet note from a student! We know that the reason my son arrived so happy and healthy and smoothly was thanks to you and Charlotte. You helped me discover how I was already designed for such a beautiful process and how I could really train to have the focus and stamina for a…
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Anjli Offers Her Recommendation of BOLD

We have taught nurses and even medical physicians and gotten recommendations from them. But today when I opened up my email and found these kind words, I asked if I could share them with you. They are so kind. I routinely recommend the BOLD weekend with Teresa and Charlotte from Labor of Love, and knew…
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Labor Doula’s Scope of Practice

Recently on one of the facebook doula business sites the question arose as to which organization the birth professionals were aligned with either by training or by certification. Some birth professionals stated they were not certified because they did not want to be limited by the scopes of practice of any organization. This statement can…
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Who Gets to Decide?

Sometimes women say that when they make a decision to change the original plan for their birth, they “throw in the towel.” I hate this phrase as I feel making an informed decision is never a failed decision. Throwing in the towel is usually seen as a failure. But when I am at a birth…
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Why Again Did You Hire a Doula?

Sometimes we are hired for very unique reasons. Perhaps you want to labor at home and arrive almost ready to push when you get to the hospital. Hmmm, okay. But do you realize you may change your mind or your circumstances may change- like having to be medically induced? And you need to know at home…
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The Statistics Queen: VBACs

I was chatting with another doula today about VBACs and CBACs. There are so many factors to a woman who has had a previous cesarean to getting a vaginal birth the next time. Factors include the choice of care provider, the reason for her first cesarean (I do believe most of my clients have either…
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Our Calling- Much More Than a Profession

Within the birth the community there is a big surge in conversations about the business of being a birth professional. Often there are a lot of doulas out there who act more like this is a hobby. For a long time birth professionals have more or less given away their services and there are those who feel…
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What Makes Us Different?

When Labor of Love Doula and Childbirth Services began as a group almost two decades ago, we were the ONLY group in town. Now there are several groups. But how are we different in terms of our group in the area of labor doulas? 1. We are a true mentoring- apprenticing group of doulas who…
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Tools in Your Tool Box

If you were going to build a house and only had a saw, you would be in bad shape. Thus the reason why a childbirth method that puts all your pain coping skills in one basket may not serve you well. Our recommendation is to have a lot of tools in your tool box. In our…
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Fortitude of Spirit

What does this mean to you? Fortitude means ” courage in pain or adversity.” Synonyms are courage, bravery, endurance and resilience. So in order to have fortitude of spirit it means you do not lose hope in the midst of the pain or struggle. For me as a doula one of my jobs is to…
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