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Birth Dreams vs. Reality: Birth Plans?

Do you need a birth plan? I think it is important to think about and discuss with those who plan to support you in birth, about your birth ideals. But, I think it is not only misleading but unreasonable to even begin to think that a woman can really plan her birth. I believe that…
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Waiting for the Contractions…Trust the Process

I want to be well now! I want to be done hurting- done being sedentary… done… And then this made me think about women who are pregnant. Seems women anticipate- prepare- read- go to class- talk about- and wait for the contractions to begin. But then we they do they either focus too much attention…
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Speaking as a Concurrent Speaker at ICAN

I submitted an outline that Polly Perez and myself worked on entitled “Life is a Journey…no one gets out alive- What to do When Meconium Hits the Fan” – it is about what you do when things that you plan don’t happen the way you expected them to. It is about healing- who to turn…
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How Do You Know?

Today I received a call from an intelligent woman who has run a marathon before. She read an article I wrote- visited my website and decided she may like to have a doula. I was super excited to hear from her. But then as we talked I was sad about some of the information her…
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I was thinking about my blog regarding my niece’s birth and I felt the need to clarify some things. Women need to make informed decisions about their births. Their births will be affecting them the rest of their lives… that experience is paramount according to the studies on how they will mother that infant and…
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instinctive vs Compliance

My niece had a baby this weekend. She considered childbirth classes late in the game I am guessing since she told my sister she could not find a class- they were all full… So she went into labor- sorta- lost her plug and her doctor listened to her breathe on the phone and said come…
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More Understanding

When a woman goes into her birth dreaming she allows herself to consider a lot of options. Many of the women I work with are looking for a non interventive, natural birth. One of the things she does not really let herself think about is if the birth ends up being a surgical birth. But…
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One of the Hardest Things about being a Doula…

… there are so many great things about being a doula- but one of the hardest parts is being on call and not ever knowing when the call will come to be with a mom in labor. It is hard- sometimes you want to stay up late and not pay any attention to the fact…
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Introductions of sorts

Seems my grown children feel I may have a legacy of ideas to share…whether it be quips and quotes or anecdotes… so I am going to try to share ideas and thoughts- some random and some specific to my work as a doula, to my life as a cancer survivor and as a woman warrior….
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