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2016 is a Fabulous Year

Labor of Love has been offering classes and services for over 25 years. We began teaching our classes in Lawrenceville over 17 years ago and expanded to Roswell a few years ago. But we heard from many of you that you wanted classes closer into the city. So, we listened. We moved our main classes and…
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A New Conception Assistance

  Go beyond Basic Ovulation Timing with the Conception Kit® at-home system The Conception Kit® at-home system provides more comprehensive benefits than ovulation kits alone to help couples conceive.  Couples who have been trying to get pregnant for a few months or more may eventually decide to take a more proactive approach.  There are many…
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Recommendations from Sara

Dear friend, First, you are very smart to explore what Labor of Love Doulas can do for you. I applaud you for making the effort to have an informed and empowered birth. Second, I hope you will explore more than hiring a doula. My husband and I invested in classes and services with LOL, and…
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Precipitous Labor- Communcation is the Key

Recently I received an email from a client of one of our doulas. She was unhappy that her doula did not come earlier to her induction. I reviewed the timeline that the doula had from the numerous texts she had had with the partner of the pregnant woman and even the phone calls she had…
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Another Pair of Hands

At Labor of Love we offer a true mentorship apprentice program. When someone has completed their initial training and want to venture out as a labor doula, often they “practice” what they have learned on the couple in labor. Those of us who did this, realized there is a better way! Once someone has completed…
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Don’t Think There is a Mind Body Connection at Birth?

I attended a home birth today where the mom was only a few days postdates. She was due on Saturday and she had the baby on Wednesday. She was nine days postdates with her previous two. I was headed to bed last night and decided to text her to touch base. I said, ” Let’s…
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“I Am NOT a Warrior Woman”

I have a client who has hired me three times. That is not that unusual since I have been a doula for a quarter of a century! In fact I suspect before I retire I doula for some of my babies as they are having their babies! But this mom is a bit unique.  I…
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Our Newest Video on Our Comprehensive Services

This is a new video we have put together with the wonderful pictures our clients and students have allowed us to share. Enjoy!

2015 Annual Reunion

We have the date and details of our annual reunion- please mark your calendars!

In the Midst of the Storm is NOT the Time to Learn!

Imagine this scene, the mom is in early labor and has back pain. She is unaware of what may be causing it and even more what to do about it. Her contractions are irregular but she is having a good deal of pain with each one. What do she and her partner do? They head…
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