Our Labor Doula Services

arms-open-wideWe are the most experienced doula group in the state. Our group (the doulas currently working with our company) has supported couples more than 1200 births!

We are available for unlimited telephone and email support throughout pregnancy. We offer prenatal meetings- one minimum, sometimes two to discuss your birth ideals and to get to know each other more. We provide unlimited labor support- one fee no matter how long your labor may be. Usually, we will attend you during early labor in your home, depending on location and distance to the hospital. We offer massage, guided imagery, some reflexology, position suggestions, and guidance during labor. If possible, we take photographs and write a birth story or timeline for your review after the birth. We stay an hour or so after the birth to assist with breastfeeding. Most of our doulas have personal breastfeeding experience to share with you in helping you initiate breastfeed successfully. We offer a postnatal meeting to help you with any problems and for the doula to see “her baby,” once you are ready to get out and about.

We back each other up in case of an emergency that does not allow us to attend your birth, but you choose your primary doula.

Our labor doula fees range from $475 for less experienced doulas to $800 for the most experienced doulas in our group. We all include all of the services above. A fee is paid by an initial retainer of $250 and the balance being due two weeks before your due date. We also offer payment plans and never want our fee to discourage your use of one of our doulas. Contact TDelandra for an agreement to be sent to you via email.

See what our clients and students share about what we were to them: Students and Clients Share {youtube}xmiuIC8gHxE{/youtube}