Our Great Experience With Charlotte

I wanted to share how great our experience with Charlotte was. Being committed to having a natural birth experience, I loved having Charlotte to support me on that journey. When I went into labor, Charlotte supported me over the phone and then came to our house when I felt I was ready and needed to have her there. During her time with me, she was constantly encouraging me to keep moving and do things to further my labor progress. Charlotte was very good about helping me work through the discomfort of contractions, and being a first time mom, she really helped me stay calm. When I started to get anxious, she talked with me about how I was feeling which I was feel was invaluable at helping me keep my anxiety level low and allowing me to stay focused on my baby and not my fear. Without her support, I am not sure I would have been able to maintain such control over my emotions.

When we arrived at the hospital, Charlotte continued to help me move through my contractions, and even though I was only dilated to a 4 when we arrived, it only took 4 hours from that point until I delivered which I give so much credit to Charlotte for. She encouraged me to get in certain positions that I would have never known to do on my own, especially not in the midst of active labor, that really helped my body open up and progress. Charlotte’s confidence in me allowed me to have so much more confidence in myself when I reached the point where I felt I couldn’t go on. With the support of Charlotte and my husband, I got through that brief moment and continued on to have the perfect birth experience I had been dreaming of. Even though I was nervous about how well my husband and Charlotte would work together since my husband was a little skeptical about needing a doula, it ended up being such a blessing for my husband as well. Afterwards, he told me that having Charlotte at our birth was the best decision we could have made. She really helped ease both our nerves throughout the entire process.

I would recommend Charlotte to anyone, she was invaluable to us. If we decide to have another child, we will definitely be using her!

Elizabeth Martin