BREECH Options and Information

…got an email today from a client saying she would not need the doula she hired after all. Seems her baby is breech and so her doctor has told her she needs to have a cesarean birth. Hmmm… her doctor made this decision when she is only 36 weeks pregnant. I do not know if he talked to her about her options… the various ways to get the baby to turn… the medical ways to get the baby to turn…the option of a vaginal birth with a skilled physician… I do not know if he told her about these things… All I know is as of tonight, she has somehow been convinced that a surgical birth- one which would more than likely determine all of her future births, was her only option… I find this sad. Gentle Birth Archives.

Sad because she put her trust in her doctor to guide her. His or her guidance should be information that then allows her patient to make a decision based on that information. I sent her information tonight in that email in case he or she did not. It makes me sad that she is four weeks from her due date- and actually six weeks from when the baby could come without being officially “late,” and her care provider has already determined that it is hopeless for her to consider a vaginal birth! And sad that the truth may be hard for her since she does not know me or trust me- and her medical care provider is the “good” guy here that she may trust more than the full truth.

Sad because instead of birthing a baby who has had the hormones generated to get that baby ready to be born, will be removed surgically from his mom in a cold operating room. His airways will be deeply suctioned since he did not have the benefit of having the contractions squeeze out the fluid in his lungs. He will be born early perhaps- even prematurely if the due dates are not correct. He may have low blood sugar and then the interventions of formula to his ability to breastfeed will be complicated. Sad because often times the bonding of the baby and mom is interrupted by pain medications due to having had surgery… it is all very sad.

Now this baby may need to be born surgically- his breech position may indicate that he desires that method.He may not be willing to turn. But doesn’t he and his mom deserve the information to determine if there are some options that may help this birth turn into a gentle vaginal one instead?