One of the Hardest Things about being a Doula…

… there are so many great things about being a doula- but one of the hardest parts is being on call and not ever knowing when the call will come to be with a mom in labor. It is hard- sometimes you want to stay up late and not pay any attention to the fact that you could be called out in an hour and spend the next 24 hours working without any sleep in view.

woman waking

It is hard- sometimes thinking that you don’t want to be “on” today. You may want to go to that event and not have to be concerned about your phone ringing… hang with those folks and be able to be carefree. But the phone may ring any time- if may not be super great timing each time- but it all falls into place very quickly… you get up, shower, get dressed and grab your gear and go.

Then you are able to be doing what you love to do… being with a mom as she journeys to being a birthing woman… with her partner as they watch the power the woman has within her… and most of all to view the power of birth- the miracle of the first breath… and that is the best part of being a doula!