Do Not Put Foreign Objects In Your Vagina

What is a foreign object? Some will ask if sexual toys are okay. Here is an article on the subject. But that is not what this article is about. This is about vaginal exams in pregnancy.

pelvic exam

Today I spoke with one of our doulas and sadly the same story was recounted. A client had gone into the midwives office, probably curious as to whether any changes were occurring. And the midwife probably said that she could certainly check and see. And there are always risks to that curiosity. It may not cause any issue at all, but for some women it causes her to have an irritable uterus. What does that mean? For this mom it means two days of irritable contractions that have kept her awake for days. But no real labor has ensued. And here is an article about how fatigue factors into medication use. Fear and Fatigue.

We have articles on the subject, but here are others opinions:  Peaceful Parenting, Pregnancy.Org and Science and Sensibility are just a few you can find in a quick search.  It is such a huge problem we have a few articles on this site: Vaginal Exams,  Come and Go Contractions and When a Woman Takes Her Panties Off!,  Why so much emphasis on not taking your panties off at the doctor or midwives office? Because it matters for a lot of moms. Read the articles. The risks outweigh any benefits if you are healthy and not showing a medical reason to do so.

So when we teach it, share it and encourage you to reconsider a vaginal exam unless there is a real medical reason, please trust that it is years of doulaing and listening to moms’ stories of their labors and births that cause us to believe that putting a foreign object in your vagina- and yes a hand of a care provider is a foreign object! But guess what? Your partner is not a foreign object but hopefully a rather familiar one! If you want to know more about that click here- Sex, Sex and More Sex!