Nesting During Labor

We all hear the stories of women nesting before labor. They get their house in order before they feel they can bring a new being into that space. But have you heard about women who need to nest in order to really get going in their labors?


When women are in early labor there are some things that will interfere from them getting into active labor. It can be they need to feel secure and really nested into their space. For some moms that means they need to get to their birth location prior to really active labor so they can get settled in a bit first. My daughter arrived just before pushing with her first baby and wanted to get there earlier with her next two so she could settle in a bit before birthing.  And for some moms it means they need to have their birth providers and supporters nearby… their midwife at their house or on her way, their doula in place, etc. We had a mom recently who had an on again off again type of early labor. In her exhaustion she decided to head in to the hospital- still not regularly contracting. She arrived to be told she was already five centimeters and her labor unfolded quickly. I had a mom who arrived in active labor only to find out there were no labor rooms avaialble. She slowed her labor down until a room was available and then flew the end of her labor. I have had moms pushing and not make great progress until their mothers/sister/friend there before the baby was born. For moms who have other children, it means they need to be off and cared for by others or already tucked in bed, so they can become mothers again without having to be mothering. Moms are distracted by taking care of their children and do best when their minds can be about this baby and not them.

So for some women nesting is not just for pre labor times- but can certainly play a role in labor and birth. Build your nest and make it a place you feel safe and supported for a gentle birth.