Mysterious Surprises

Surprises come in all forms and we can never get too comfortable. But if we begin to look at birth as a mysterious journey that will unfold in unpredictable ways we may be able to be more comfortable with surprises. I believe if a woman is well prepared and has done her homework on events and options, has a great support team around her and care providers she trusts, then she will be okay with the turns and twists her labor and birth may be accompanied with. I think it is when a woman is ill prepared, is bamboozled and manipulated by those around her who should be supporting her but have their own agenda – then the mystery is not a mystery at all- it is a coup from others to overtake the journey with their plans and underlying issues.


Are you prepared? Do you have your team in place? Is your tribe supportive of your desires for your birth? Is your care provider one you trust and you feel has your best interest at heart? Are you birthing in a location where you feel safe? Then dream the dream you have for the vision of birth you desire and let the mystery of your birth experience unfold with excitement and wonder and without fear and anxiety.