Move for an Easier Birth and Postpartum!

Feel Great and Prepare for Your Birth!

We feel very strongly that fitness in pregnancy and in the postpartum period is essential for an easier birth and recovery. We offer two different types of classes for fitness- one is more yoga and exercised based, and one includes exercises and yoga but incorporates dancing and can also be done wtih your baby in the postpartum period. Both classes include some mother lore and body work to help improve the position of the baby in utero. Consider joining Charlotte and Teresa in making your birth experience and the time after a birth a wonderfully healthy one!  We offer several ways to achieve that!

yogaAligned and Ready Workshop!

Instructors: Teresa Howard and Charlotte Scott

The female body is designed for childbirth.

Today’s lifestyles often inhibit this perfect design.

By being active and aware of your body you align with your body’s innate wisdom.

What steps are you taking to take charge and prepare your body for birth?

This workshop is FULL OF TOOLS to aide you in having an easier time during your pregnancy and birth. Movement and Optimal Fetal Positioning are key factors. During these few hours we will explore how yoga directly improves pregnancy and labor, we will use a birth ball to stretch and practice labor support, we will explore the secrets taught in tribal dances that guided women throughout the ages to birth naturally. Many of the techniques and moves you will learn have been proven in studies to shorten labor. You will walk away with your personal plan for a healthier pregnancy and safer birth.
Healthier mamas and healthier babies are our goal!


 Dancing For Birth™   for prenatal and postpartum fitness

Instructors: Teresa Howard and Charlotte Scott


Stephanie Larson came to Atlanta in August 2010 and we joined in her training to learn how to bring this technique to our area!

A moratorium has been declared on the back-lying, lithotomy position of birthing by Stephanie Larson, DFB, CD(DONA), CBE, BFA, Founder of Dancing For Birth TM, whose vision is for women world-wide to have the enjoyment of dancing their babies into the world.  Larson says women can learn how to harness gravity and move their bodies during labor for more satisfying births.

“Women’s bodies are not designed for birthing on our backs,  which prevents the pelvis from opening fully and gravity from helping the birth process” says Larson, who feels that the norms (such as back-lying) and routine interventions which characterize many hospital births are not evidence-based and are hindering instead of helping birthing women. “We are mammals after all.  Can you imagine trying to coax an elephant, horse or monkey to give birth on her back with her legs up in the air?  Our maternal instincts tell us to move during labor and plant our feet on the floor when it’s time to push. One way to improve women’s birth experiences is to shift the paradigm from horizontal to vertical birth positions” says Larson.  Clearly, change is needed, as reported in ‘Evidence-Based Maternity Care’ by Sakala and Corry (Milbank Memorial Fund, 2008) “… many other nations are doing a better job with measures such as perinatal, neonatal, and maternal mortality, low birth weight, and cesarean rates. Nonetheless, per capita health expenditures for the United States far exceed those of all other nations.”  The report includes the use of upright birthing positions as a proven, cost-effective, low intervention practice that is widely underused.

Dancing For Birth TM prenatal/postpartum dance classes teach a “language of movement” specially geared for pregnant women and postpartum women wearing their babies in soft slings or wraps. Though the movements are inspired by ancient dance forms like Belly dance (created by/for birthing women) and African dance, the 90-minute weekly classes, which combine dance and fitness with little-known childbirth preparation skills such as optimal fetal positioning, are the wave of the future of birth and resonate with women. “Modern day women want to celebrate birth and be transformed by it!” says Larson.  “They have innate wisdom of how to give birth with ease and lovingly mother their children, and Dancing For Birth TM classes help awaken their abilities.” Women often come to class simply for fun and fitness, and find that they gain more than they expected to.  “This class was fun and informative.  I love dancing and I was excited to learn a little bit of how to incorporate it into this whole [pregnancy and birth] experience.  I gained great moves to help me feel good, and birthing positions and knowledge of what I can do to help me through labor”, said Melanie Eng, who is expecting her first baby this year.

“The first step to a satisfying birth,” says Larson, “is to listen to your baby via your body—and move accordingly.  For many women this means laboring and birthing actively, in a forward-leaning vertical position, out of bed.” By moving instinctively, using gravity and positioning to their advantage, women can temporarily enlarge the dimensions of their pelvis for the baby’s passage, help their babies rotate and descend, avoid unnecessary interventions and enjoy natural pain relief.  “You can be sure that you will gain a lot from Dancing For Birth TM classes no matter what type of birth you are planning,” says Larson, “the benefits include improved grace, strength, agility, endurance, knowledge, empowerment, confidence, and a circle of great new friends for both you and your baby.” Stereotypes lead women to believe that they should take to the bed when they become pregnant, but according to ‘Exercising Through Your Pregnancy’ by J.F. Clapp III, for healthy women, exercising during pregnancy is safe and has many benefits for mom and baby too, “At five years old, the offspring of the women who exercised during pregnancy scored much higher on tests of general intelligence and oral language skills”.


We offer these classes- beginning with a free trial class offered quarterly and a four week series that allows for drop ins as well. Teresa and Charlotte teach together in Lawrenceville and in Atlanta. Grab your hip scarfs and come join our classes, whether pregnant or with a baby in tow!