More BOLDness

Recently we posted some comments some of our students shared but today we got another great letter that we felt we had to share!

“Thank you so much for offering these trans-formative classes.  I truly believe the work you are doing is making a difference.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in on the first day but I can tell you I got what I needed even though I had no idea I needed it!  It was the missing link to fully preparing my mind and body for birth.

For any women who are looking for a great way to prepare for their upcoming birth, the BOLD method as I experienced IS:

  • IT IS the exploration of your feelings, beliefs, and attitudes towards birth.
  • IT IS the release of any fears, worries and judgments that may hold you back in labor.
  • IT IS building a vision for your birth.
  • IT IS practical hands-on preparation including pain coping techniques, optimal labor positions and guidance for partners.
  • IT IS creative and fun while providing a deeper, connected understanding and confidence in your body.
  • IT IS about trusting your intuition, being your ultimate guide, and taking responsibility for your birth.
  • IT IS empowerment at its core.

Both Charlotte and Teresa are inspiring women to learn from.  They get down to the nitty gritty, are passionate about birth and give you a safe space to unleash, get clear, re-build and create the birth of your dreams.  My favorite analogy of the weekend was that labor is a lot like running a marathon.  If you don’t train for it how can you expect to be allowed to compete?  Marathons are not just physical training but mental as well.  Being a runner, I can relate to “Hitting the wall” when you physically can’t go on, it’s your mind that pushes you through.




I feel prepared, confident and excited about my upcoming birth.  I am so grateful to you both for all that you have shared!

Thank you!”