Maternal and Infant Mental Health Services

1146163_230842413730250_1593366093_o[1]Anne Cumings, LCSW – Maternal and Infant Mental Health Services

When I tell people I am trained in infant mental health, I usually get a wisecrack about newborns sitting on a couch and talking about their feelings. In reality, infant mental health is about working with babies and caregivers together to ensure a healthy transition, for both, to this wild and crazy adventure of life. It encompasses:

• Pregnancy and postpartum mood issues
• Health concerns in mom that impact her emotional availability
• Issues of eating, sleeping and crying (in infants and moms!)
• Regulatory troubles (i.e. fussy babies)
• Goodness of fit between babies and caregivers (Are you a quiet, reserved mom with an active, hyper-verbal, outgoing tot?)
• Relationship concerns that arise due to developmental issues
• Anything else that may impact the relationship between caregiver and baby!

And infant mental health includes pregnancy through age 5, so toddlers count too! If you are a new parent who is struggling, either with your own emotional wellbeing or coping with a challenging baby or toddler, I can help!

I know it’s a cliché, but no woman can truly understand what becoming a mom will feel like until she experiences it. Even so, we all build up dreams of what those first few days, weeks, and months will be like. When the reality of new motherhood is harder than you imagined reaching out for support can help. I offer individual therapy in my Marietta office, postpartum home visits and a free postpartum support group in East Cobb.

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