Mantras and Affirmations

Surrounding yourself with positive affirmations and mantras is so beneficial for labor and birth. You can go online and find lots of affirmations to look at and even some that have videos with music, but making a mantra your own, surrounding yourself with affirmations that speak to your heart are really what’s important.

What’s really great is finding something that really speaks to you. I like the idea of sliding some of these affirmations written out on cards under the lining in a water birth. So that the woman can look down through the liner and see the things that speak to her. It is also helpful for those in the room to see what speaks to you, so they can recite some of those same phrases back to you.

I had a mom many years ago make her affirmations on large index cards and then she had her oldest daughter to decorate them with pictures. I have another mom take large index cards and take them around her labor room almost like a border. The doctor was so fascinated when she saw them, that she said she wondered if they needed them in every room.

Renee Wymer, one of our educators, takes affirmations that the moms have said speak to them, and makes them into pennant banners for the moms for their labors. I’ve seen many moms make signs and hang up around their rooms in pennant style or just in posting them onto the wall.


I made a pennant banner for my class space. I thought I would share the folder with you so that if you wanted to copy some of them and print them you could. Feel free to share this link with others. Thanks.

Here is my banner picture from my class space. 2016-03-28 14.09.32

Here is the link. There’s some that are blank so you can put your own affirmations there as well. These would be great to hang in the nursery when you’re pregnant so that you can go in there to focus and visualize the kind of birth you want you could have these affirmations there reminding you of what’s important to you.