Mama Willing to Do the Work

When we arrived to the hospital, the baby was posterior. The mama did big exaggerated figure eights. I used my rebozo to jiggle her hips, relieving tension. Soon the baby was lined up great.

She invited women that were important to her birth experience. Not only her doula, midwife and husband, but two close women.

Stephen, her husband said, “Any man who doesn’t let a whole tribe of women into the room when his wife is giving birth is out of his mind.”

The mother said, ” He was so grateful to just be able to ‘be’ and not feel like he had to have all the answers or take care of everything. Thank you ??”

This mama has had difficult pushing times with each of her babies. This caused her to utilize medication the first time, forceps the second time and this time it meant pushing for two hours in several positions. This mama was willing to follow every suggestion offered to help.
Here she is using the squat bar. She had been on each side, on her hands and knees, leaning over the top of the bed, in a semi squat, on her back…in every way we could come up with.
We used the Rebozo on the squat bar as well as earlier in a tug position.
We offered counter pressure to open her pelvis.
And then, after two hours, a patient mama, dad and her midwife brought forth the biggest baby she had yet! 8 pounds 7 ounces of pure joy. This mama gave birth on her due date, as only 4% of moms do! Her other babies had been born early. She had prepared her mind and body for this birth. And in labor she listened to her body and when she needed guidance, she accepted it. This mama is incredible. She was willing to do the work.
Her tribe. The mother said, “You were all fabulous. I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful team. You were everything I needed.”
Her midwife and doula.

The reward for the work she did!