Love and Gratitude for Charlotte and Teresa!

“I just wanted to convey my gratitude towards Teresa and Charlotte.

katherine and babyThe services provided by Labor of Love extends beyond a gentle birth. I believe having Charlotte present during my long labor and birth made a world of difference. The Birth Circle classes and Charlotte gave me the tools I needed to make informed decisions. As someone who is extremely left-brained, I approached birth from a very analytical view. I had a doctor and hospital lined up and I thought I was set. After attending the classes, I switched both my doctor and hospital to a midwife group and North Fulton. I believe this decision helped me avoid a c-section because at any other hospital the doctors would have pushed for one. The classes also helped me view birth from a much more natural point of view. I was able to step away from all the numbers and facts and simply enjoy the fact that I was bringing a beautiful life into the world and that this process extended beyond the science. They helped me bring my wonderful son into the world and I am forever grateful!

I also cannot say enough about the breastfeeding classes and services offered by Teresa. I had my heart set on breastfeeding but between a lip and tongue tie, my son and I had an extremely rough start. After 3 different lactation consultants, it was Teresa who pointed out the tongue tie. It was Teresa who managed to get my son latched. It was Teresa who referred us to a lactation consultant who confirmed the lip tie. After a full month of tears and feelings of hopelessness, my son became exclusively breastfed. It made a world of difference. I love breastfeeding and I hope to continue with it for as long as possible. I’m so glad I continued to fight for it and I know without Teresa’s help I would have given up a long time ago and my son would have ended up formula fed. Teresa helped us give our son a healthier and natural start to life that I would not have been able to achieve on my own. She took time out of her day to help us through meetings, phone calls, and texts. She was nothing but a godsend in a situation where I felt nothing but despair. Obviously, I highly recommend the whole package because you never know what you will need help with. The doulas are there to ensure that your baby grows healthy naturally and happily.?