Lee’s Letter About Teresa

Teresa was an invaluable resource during our birth experience!
Although this was our first birth and we have never known anything
different, we would never think to do anything differently from here
on out. First time parents-to-be NEED to have a doula present for
their birth experience. If you are first time parents-to-be, you NEED
to, no matter how much you know about the medical and birth industry.
I don’t care if you yourself are a doula, midwife, or OB-GYN. So much
of your knowledge, research, and preparation just sort of goes out the
window when your baby actually starts making his or her entrance. If
you want to be at all in control of your birth (you should not just
let yourself be at the whim of an intervention-hungry obstetrician),
you need to be informed, and a doula will help you continue to be
informed in the heat of the moment(s).

It was so helpful to have a professional there who could keep a level
head and steady hand. Her experienced presence was worth a good
portion of her fee; my wife labored better when Teresa was present,
even when Teresa was not actively helping in some way. She even
helped turn the baby from posterior facing to anterior facing! For
those who don’t know, that means Teresa helped turn the baby to avoid
dreaded back labor. TWICE. Our goal was pretty much a party line
completely unmedicated, intervention-free natural birth. Teresa
helped us achieve that goal. For anyone on the fence about hiring a
doula, do it. If not Teresa, someone from Labor of Love.