Laura Shares Her Birth Story

This is the birth story of a first time mama who took Teresa’s childbirth class six week series and hired Renee Wymer as her doula.

Jef and I welcomed little baby Ryan Michael to this world on Wednesday the 15th (9 days early) at 11:06pm. He was 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches long. It was an amazing experience! Here are just a few of the highlights…

So my contractions woke me up at 4:30 am on Tuesday morning. They were about 10 minutes apart and very manageable but I couldn’t sleep through them, so I just went about my day.  By 1:30am on Wednesday morning, they were about 5 minutes apart and I was feeling good – we were making progress. My birth ball and the bathtub were really helpful! That went on until about 6:30 when they went back to 8 minutes. I was a bit discouraged (and tired) but knew that it was normal.

They went back to 5 minutes later that morning and stayed that way for a few more hours, but then they went back to 8 minutes. At this point, I was really tired and just wanted to get to 4 minutes so that I could go to the hospital and have this baby! Thanks goodness for our doula (Renee was awesome!) – I called her and she suggested that I try to rest, that maybe my body was just giving me a break. I slept for about a half hour or so and when I woke, the contractions came on about 3 minutes apart. Of course, this happened during rush hour, which we were trying to avoid, but Jef and I got in the car and headed to the hospital. It took about 45 minutes to get there but Jef drove like a pro (and was gentle on the speed bumps).

By the time we arrived, I was almost 7 cm (I was a little nervous that after all that time, I’d be something like 3 cm)  This was the evening of the big storm and full moon so labor and delivery was completely full and I ended up laboring for a while in a pre-op room. By this point, I found that my most comfortable position to labor was sitting up in bed, which I didn’t expect. I thought I’d want to walk. But, I was pretty tired and would shake when I got out of bed. Renee, Jef and I would talk and laugh between contractions – it was really great to have them there and I felt like I was managing well. I expected that transition would be really hard but, for me, it turned out to be as manageable as the rest of my labor.

By about 10:00pm, I was fully dilated but my water still hadn’t broken and I didn’t feel the urge to push. After talking it over with Jef and Renee, we decided to break my water and see if we couldn’t help move things along. Probably the 2nd contraction after my water broke, I wanted to push. In my mind, pushing was going to be kind of a feeling of relief but pushing was actually more painful than my labor. I was sitting up in bed at first and that didn’t feel right. So I got on my knees and leaned against the back of the bed and that didn’t feel right either. I remember saying over and over “it’s not right” and “no”. I kept saying in my head not to fight it but I had a hard time surrendering. Finally, I ended up laying on my side while Jef and Renee helped support my leg. It turns out our little man had a presenting hand (I should have known – his hands were up by his head at every ultrasound). His shoulder got stuck so it took a little bit for Dr. Tate to maneuver him, and I just wanted that baby out!!

But, then there he was – absolutely beautiful! We’re loving parenthood and are completely enthralled with this little person!! Jef was a great partner – he left me alone when I needed it, was present and supportive when I needed it, helped me to concentrate or to be distracted. I think we’re both feeling very grateful for all we learned in class – our “toolbox” of knowledge and skills was perfect to help us do what needed to be done to bring Ryan into our family.

Thank you again Teresa and Renee!!