Lactation Support

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We provide lactation education in the way of couple classes taught in a group session almost monthly. It is a great class for preparation for breastfeeding.If you pay for this class and for some reason, like having a baby earlier or sickness, you can also have up to two hours of guidance and instruction in our space or apply that $105 toward an in-home visit. Many times we can determine over the phone if the issue is a minor one, and we can assist you by guiding you over the phone with you at no charge.

If you choose to set up a time to come to us, your consultation is free if you have taken our class and meet with Renee. If you have not taken our class, the fee is $25/hour with no minimum time.

If you need us to come to your home, there is a charge of $35 per hour and a two-hour minimum charge. Depending on the distance, there may be a drive charge as well. Ideally if you can come to us, we prefer that as we have several tools and handouts available there to assist you.

If the problem you are having is more extensive, we will refer you to an IBCLC. We usually can make this determination after discussing your needs over the phone initially; however, we can certainly help you with most of the initial issues concerning breastfeeding. Our classes are on the class schedule, however for guidance after your baby is born; call us to explore options.

How do you enlist lactation services?

Renee Wymer and Amnesty Hadley provide lactation services. Please email or call 770-241-2078 to register!